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Noni ray

A new innovative formula with plants coming from different parts of the world, synergizing the effects of each one, helping to rebalance the skin's hydration level, maintaining its natural compactness and avoiding unpleasant redness and desquamation.

It contains substances tested for their effectiveness and tolerability with a soothing action against irritation and erythema caused by exposure to physical, chemical and mechanical heat sources.


Morinda Citrifolia (performs a regenerating action and controls lipid concentration)
Hipericum Perforatum (useful for its anti-inflammatory and re-invigorating properties)
Aloe Barbadensis (with proven healing and soothing properties)
Calendula Officinalis (has a soothing and painkilling effect)
Jojoba (with a moisturizing and emollient action)
Propolis Cera (with vasoprotective and fungicidal properties)

Primary and secondary uses:

Pre-post laser therapy treatments
Post tanning lamp treatments
Post depilation treatments
Contact with stinging agents
Mosquito, wasps, insects bites
Jellyfish contact


spray it on the interested parts avoiding contact with the eyes.

50 ml pack

EURO 9.90
EURO 9.90