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Ausilium Light

AUSILIUM LIGHT, 50g jar with measuring cup (1g)

100% pure D-Mannose powder extracted from birch (NO MAIZE, NO OGM) complementary to the other Ausilium line products, useful to:


- increase the number of grams of D-Mannose at lower cost during acute episodes

- fight Proteus, Ureaplasma and Pseudomonas infections

- extend the maintenance phase when cystitis has disappeared for more than 6 months

- increase D-Mannose dosage of Ausilium Tisana and Ausilium NAC



1 scoop, 2 times a day, or as needed

Dissolve the scoop in a glass of water and take away from meals (1h before or 2h after).

Wait 1 hour before drinking, eating or urinating and urinating after this time.



100% birch D-Mannose




EURO 24.00
EURO 24.00