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Intimate wash foam with Lactoferrin, D-Mannose, NAC and Morinda citrifolia

With antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory action

For her:

Indicated in daily intimate hygiene. Vaginal pH respect.

Indicated in case of:

- vulvo-vaginitis

- cystitis

- prevention of Candida and infections

- skin and vulvar hypersensitivity

- fissures or hemorrhoids

- during pregnancy and post-partum (for infection prevention)

Due to its acid pH (4.5-5) it is particularly recommended for women of childbearing age.


For him:

Indicated in daily initmate hygiene.

Useful in case of:

- redness

- heartburn

- skin hypersensitivity (also due to rubbing)

- inflammations

- balanitis, postitis, balanopostitis

- hemorrhoids

- mechanical rubbing

EURO 14.90
EURO 14.90