About us

Deakos was born from the determination of Dr. Ettore de Angelis, Pharmacist and Researcher, to make the most of the many experiences of his career. Curious and tireless researcher, Director of the Military Naval Hospital, handled post-earthquake emergencies in the italian region of Friuli and other areas affected by earthquakes by arranging, organizing, managing field hospitals, first aid and emergency-experiences  that, in addition to made him increase awareness about the indispensability of a continuous relationship between professional doctor and patients, has led him to dedicate himself more and more to listen to them, also due to his passion and empathic capacity out of the ordinary.

After his experiences as a Pharmacy owner first and a Parapharmacy one right after (still ongoing), again he devoted himself to the study of medicinal plants, in particular focusing on some exotic plants which are still little known and little used in official medicine. From the study of some of them, the intuition to start producing natural products (cosmetics, parapharmacy products, food supplements) aimed to replace antibiotic therapies in some pathologies, discovering that it can shed light in a blind spot of current medicine.

This led to the birth of a product line created to combat the so-called diabetic foot, a side effect of a serious pathology, became itself a disabling disease, currently neglected by the official medicine.

The good results pushed him to continue, dedicating his studies to the possibility of getting over the dependence on the antibiotics in urinary tract infections.
Even in this case a direct line and an open communication with dozens of colleagues, hundreds of operators and thousands of patients suffering from various pathologies, characterized by a continuous stream of required information, feedbacks, closely monitored, allowed him to draw up a series of highly innovative products, completely natural and of low impact on the body, so in most cases the patient can relieve the vicious cycle of the antibiotics.

Deakos's guideline is more than clear: the desire to formulate natural medicine products at the expense of the often harmful antibiotics, is now more than a mere intuition, a doctrine born from the need of thousands of women and men who daily address to him for advices and suggestions, more and more led by the failure of antibiotic therapies in some fields, such as the urinary tract, but not only.

He benefits from the trust of well-know and successful professionals that allows him to constantly confront with them each other's experiences and to develop more targeted products arised from the real needs of patients, from their pathologies and manifestated effects, supported by a serious and competent pharmacological and phytotherapeutic research.

Recently, Deakos has decided to bring his experience into the study of some veterinary diseases and to combat some afflictions that affect, beyond men, their dearest friends and companions, always faithful to the principle of starting from the total safeguard of the health, bipeds and quadrupeds, and drawing on that great rance of resources, which is available to us all, that natural medicine supermarket that is the world of nature.